Red Card CIC Gambling Awareness Project

ProFormance Pathways CIC are excited to begin working with Red Card CIC, Red Card is a ‘not for profit’ organisation. Prevention of gambling addiction is the key to their work. They say that the more we raise awareness, the more we can prevent people from going down the destructive route of problem gambling.

We aim to make sure that people from all backgrounds and cultures are educated about the dangers of gambling addiction and the impact it can have on our lives. We work with all agencies including schools, colleges, sports clubs, prison and probation services, and others to help create a more stable and healthy society in the future. Our vision is to become a long-term beneficial and supportive service for all who experience problem gambling.

Our mission is to create a lasting social change through our work, by educating people about the dangers of gambling, helping to reduce crime in our communities, raising awareness of mental health, and by delivering our work nationwide.

Our team deliver targeted workshops that not only share Tony’s personal story of his battle with gambling addiction but also, by using the knowledge and experience of professional therapists and counsellors, we go deeper in to the nature of addiction and how to combat it, and the wider impact on the gambling addict’s friends and family.

The Red Card team is made up of a mixture of professionals, all with a vast amount of experience that is relevant to addiction and problem gambling. 

ProFormance Pathways Director Harry O’Riordan opened up about his struggles with gambling in this honest interview with Tony;

Harry will be working closely with Tony and the team to support delivery of their gambling education and awareness workshops in schools around the country.  These workshops share real lived experience of the harm that problem gambling can cause to individuals and their family and friends.

ProFormance Pathway’s and Red Card will also be working together on new projects surrounding the gambling industry and education for young people to help decrease the numbers of problem gamblers.

To find out more information visit

If you are interested in getting more information about the delivery of the workshops you can email;

Harry O’Riordan: (ProFormance Pathways CIC)

Tony Kelly: (Red Card CIC)

WHY: The most important word we can use

Hi Everyone, 

Today’s post comes from reading a book by Simon Sinek, ‘Start with WHY’.

This is a book geared towards leading and running a business but I feel the message can have a wider influence and for me has really resonated. 

I feel that especially in football we can ask ourselves ‘WHY’ in so many different occasions. 

As a coach when you design a practice or session at every point can ask yourself WHY you are doing a certain exercise and more importantly could you explain to the players WHY they are doing this, I feel this can help coaches create more realistic sessions and also relate them back to what the game looks like in a competitive scenario. 

By the way….. the WHY can be that today we are just doing this to have a laugh and have as much fun as possible, the WHY here can be social interaction and development. 

Not only as a coach but someone who Is running a company or club involved in youth football I think there can be a real power in spending more time explaining to your coaches, your parents and your players WHY you put on certain sessions, WHY you play certain matches and basically try and underpin everything you do with a WHY, a reason which underpins a philosophy or goal your club has. 

If parents and players have clarity and understanding of WHY you are making certain decisions they are more likely to come with a positive outlook and understanding of what they need to do in this scenario to fully take as much from it. 

If you cannot explain WHY you are doing a certain activity then is there any point in doing it? I would say not. 

If someone doesn’t agree with WHY you are doing something then that is no problem, they do not have to partake, I feel honesty is best in this scenario and not fooling parents or players into doing something which has no benefit to them and their aspirations. 

Linking this to my last post I would love to sit down and talk to anyone who broke lockdown restrictions to put on a session or match and ask them WHY they done this and what their reasons were behind this. 

A short post today touching on my thoughts of the power of WHY and defiantly more to come on this methodology in the future. 

Much Love 

Harry O’Riordan 

ProFormance Pathways Director

Youth Sport: My take on the Industry

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to another ramble from myself!! Again, I am thankful for anyone who is taking the time to read this post and today I am talking about something which I feel very passionately about. 

The last year has been a massive challenge for everyone and especially those involved in playing, coaching, organising or just being a parent involved in youth sport. My thoughts are solely geared towards football as this is the industry I currently work in and have done for the last 10 years. 

For me there are three parts to this sector, Grassroots Clubs, Private Sports Companies and Professional Football Clubs. 

Let’s look at them all one by one; 

Grassroots Clubs

This is the absolute foundation of football from the bottom to the top and run by mostly an army of volunteers and parents some of the work done here is nothing short of fantastic. 

For me this serves such an important purpose as a first experience for all young boys and girls to start playing football, learn new skills, meet new friends and make memories that last a life time. 

But in a wider setting this is also the foundation of every professional football player and so the skills taught here are key to the development of the top players we see now in the premier league! 

Away from the football side this environment can be a social escape for children with mental health problems, it’s a physical activity which keeps children healthy and it’s a vehicle which can shape a child to become a respectful and well-rounded adult. 

This has been a very tough time for grassroots clubs and I take my hat off to every club that has gone out of their way to make sure that as lockdowns have come and gone that all players could train in a safe environment when allowed to do so. 

I also however feel that the pandemic has highlighted the negative parts of grassroots football, I know teams have continued to train, I know teams have continued to play matches during lockdown periods which to me is disgusting behaviour by the coaches and parents involved. 

This for me highlight’s the failure in appropriate coach education and mentoring to ensure that coaches are making the best decisions for players in terms of safety and development. Also that there is a gap to be filled in terms of educating parents on how to best support their child’s journey through grassroots. 

I know we could not have foreseen the pandemic but the stance from the FA has not been strong enough when teams have broken the rules. 

For me the coach education courses on offer lack enough detail on the real-world experience of delivering within grassroots and we need more focus on effective communication, dealing with players learning styles, mental health awareness training as well as a stronger message on WHY coaches should get involved in being a volunteer. 

My experience within grassroots before and during the pandemic has ignited a passion inside me to set out on a mission to help support, mentor and educate as many parents and coaches as I can to in turn positively affect as many players as I can. Some of our biggest projects as a CIC will be focused on running face to face and online training events for coaches, parents and teachers involved in grassroots sport to look at some of the issues and gaps in knowledge that I see. 

We do still unfortunately see resistance from coaches and clubs to attend FREE events and while I know people are busy and they do not get paid as volunteers involved in grassroots – everyone involved needs to understand the impact they have on the young people they work with and that they must strive to be the best they can be in order to give these children a positive experience.

Private Sports Companies 

I know some people have an issue with companies who are involved in youth sports. It is often seen as a bad thing to make money from what they do. I cannot sit here and say that I agree as I run a company (ProFormance Global) which does just this. There is 100% a place for companies who offer extra paid services to further develop and enhance children’s experience in grassroots sport, however when involved in this industry I firmly believe that the players experience and development must come before the balance sheet as much as possible. 

This is a market which is booming and there is such a massive amount of companies involved in this and seems to be new companies popping up all the time. This is also one of very few unregulated markets, a quick sale on WhatsApp, a promoted insta post and the money is flowing.

First of all, I am not perfect and I have made some mistakes and decisions which now as I reflect I do not feel comfortable with and something I have been addressing over the last year (will follow up on this with further blog posts).

There are some FANTASTIC people and companies working in this sector who provide top top quality services and experiences to children, however there are some who clearly can see the ££££ that can be made from children and parents who are chasing a dream of becoming a professional football player and will do anything to reach this goal. 

The biggest issue I have seen this year has been with 121 training, this market has boomed during the pandemic. Which when it’s allowed can be a fantastic development tool for players looking to push on and further develop. A lot of sessions you will be seeing yourself are almost unrelated to the game of football. You can even see 1-2-1 football coaches promoted as personal trainers to avoid lockdown. 

Certain individuals and companies have used the pandemic to deliver these sessions against the lockdown rules. As a company we have tried to follow the restrictions at every point, but it has been a massive challenge for us to survive financially.  We knew though that we had to put safety first. 

Some companies have done this in private, (GOING INTO PEOPLES HOUSES AND GARDENS DURING A NATIONAL LOCK DOWN) some companies have just been completely blazon and advertised their offerings online (why hasn’t more been done to stop this?). 

For me this just highlights that these people will always priorities the amount of money they make over the safety and welfare of the players. There is always the disguise that these coaches care so much about their players. So much they have to charge them to do a session and to do even more sessions during a lockdown than when there isn’t one. 

I do feel it is hard to blame the parents completely on this as some are so desperate and are sold so many lies by these companies, again I feel it highlights the education needed for parents on what is best for their children. 

For Me, I have found it really hard to not just pack it all in because it seems so hard to compete, (I hate this word as we should not be competing, we should be working together to create the best experience for all children) but It is so hard as a business to stay financially viable when working against companies who have no focus on development and welfare and have no moral obligations of lying to parents who will follow anyone who tells them what they want to hear. 

This has been another reason why we have set up our CIC and I really wanted to show everyone that what we do has the players at heart at every point, our CIC is non-profit and we have dreams of one day running our Talent ID programme which can be completely free to parents and players. 

Professional Clubs 

Not much to say on this on really, I love the work that most clubs do with their academy set ups. I am a massive advocate of the work that is done all the way from U6 pre-academy to U16 when players are offered a scholar. 

If we see a player who we can help make the step into being a player that is signed to a professional club we will try and support this process. 

The majority of the 92 professional clubs do still have an academy. They do still invest in young people within their community. They can still offer a life changing experience to hundreds of young people. 

I think there is still a lot of work to be done on the release process, some of the stories are tragic and this is especially at U16 and U18. The governing bodies that run the game are striving to improve standards and player care is becoming a big industry on its own. This are of support around being released from ‘elite’ environments is a project we hope to get involved in through our CIC in the not to distant future. 


I have tried to condense this and to be honest I could probably have written a book on this (maybe I will one day). I basically just want to highlight some of the positives and negatives of youth football and how this underpins the reasons we have launched this company, I would love to hear from anyone who agrees or thinks I’m an idiot! 

Much Love 

Harry O’Riordan 

ProFormance Pathways Director 

What the last year has taught ME

Hi everyone, for those who don’t know my name is Harry O’Riordan, I am 25 years old and I am the director of ProFormance Global and as you are on this page I am now also the director of a new not for profit CIC, ProFormance Pathways. 

I wanted to introduce this page and new project with a look back at the last year, as this has been a massive influence on why I have decided to launch this company. 

I honestly cannot believe that this week has marked one year of lockdown, I don’t know about you but for me it feels like it has lasted about 4 years!! ProFormance Global is a Talent ID and Showcase programme which offers weekly technical training to grassroots football players who show a higher level of talent and would like to pursue this and develop further, we work closely with grassroots clubs and offer other services such as after school clubs, tournaments, holiday camps and tours. 

So, when the lockdown struck in march last year it was a complete shut down for all our face to face coaching. We felt very strongly that we had to find a way to keep going and continue to support our players. We spent the weeks leading up to the lockdown creating an ‘Online Academy’ which would give players access to videos which included drills and activities they could do at home and educational content all surrounding developing them as football players. 

However, we quickly realised this was not enough to keep them engaged, I had seen some forward-thinking coaches and companies using zoom to deliver technical sessions – I was apprehensive on how this would work. We took some time to think about how it would work and we had a few test sessions – the rest is history…..

We absolutely loved it!! And so, did the players we worked with, however naturally there was some parents and players who did not fully understand the benefits and I feel some peoples view towards it is negative before they even give it a go – a lot of education is still needed here. 

We have delivered 100s of zoom sessions to 1000s of players not only in England but around the world and I have loved every second of it. It really has opened by eyes up to the possibilities of extra development and learning that can occur by embracing modern technology, this will continue to be a massive part of what we do going forward to develop young football players. 

I have been really really proud of the programme we have delivered over the last year and I also just want to give a massive shout out to any company or club who also tried their best to keep players physically active but also more importantly socially active during this time. 

One of the reasons I have come to launch this CIC is the last year has shown be exactly how much I love working with young people and that for me and the people at our company the player or the person always comes first and I believe through this new company we can effect so many more young people and begin to reach some that previously we may not be able to due to their financial or social situations. 

Lastly, I just wanted to touch on something which I will be following up in the next blog post, something which I have bit my tongue on (mostly) however needs addressing. 

I feel that this pandemic has really highlighted some of the absolute amazing people and organisations working in grassroots sport and in particular football. HOWEVER…. It has also highlighted a real issue and problem that we have in grassroots and the motives that lead certain individuals to get involved in this sector. 

That’s all I want to say on the matter for now, please keep your eye out for the next post…. 

Thanks to anyone who took the time to have a quick read, Any thoughts or comments please drop me an email

Much Love 

Harry O’Riordan 

ProFormance Pathways Director